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PLEASE NOTE:  Nina is currently  offering EVENING ONE for FREE.  Schedule this month, and  host it any month.   You are under NO OBLIGATION to continue the series after the free presentation.  Scroll down to FEES section for more information.


A course on addiction awareness within our society

This comprehensive series of four evenings are designed for ALL MEMBERS OF THE COMMUNITY including the afflicted and their families and friends, counselors, nurses, ministers, those in the criminal justice system, educators, and anyone who would like to learn more to become part of a solution.

This series is designed to educate and spread awareness, but unlike other programs this series offers HOPE AND SUPPORT, ENCOURAGES COMMUNITY, FOSTERS COMPASSION AND UNDERSTANDING to reduce the unwarranted stigma that surrounds this affliction.  


This four-week series begins with a focus on the biology of addiction.  We will take a fairly in-depth look at the latest scientific theories of how exactly substances affect the body and the mind.  Dependence, tolerance, relapse and denial are just some of the many topics that will be explored.  The second half of the evening will include the numerous options available for those seeking recovery including medications, therapies, various support groups and more.  Each week introduces a particular virtue that can be practiced, especially during times of crisis.  This week’s virtue:  prudence.  


Week two’s focus is on some of the psychological theories that perhaps best explain the use of substances.  We will journey through our human growth and development to consider our core wounds and the layers and layers of traits that we wear for protection which ultimately cause more harm than good.  We will see that the common denominator in all our misguided attempts (whether using substances or not) is the desire to avoid more pain.  The second half of the evening will include what is necessary to make the journey back to our true selves buried deep within.  This week’s virtue:  empathy.


This third week’s topic is on the impact of substance abuse on society, with a special focus on the small society of the family.  We will learn why exactly addiction is referred to as a “family disease” and how exactly others in the family can become affected when they are not ingesting a substance.  Themes such as blame, shame, anger, guilt, grief, caring, codependence, and much more will be explored.  As always, the second half of the evening focuses on various solutions as well as some positive changes that are happening in society.  This week’s virtue:  courage.


The series concludes with an examination of our spiritual nature and how and why spirituality is an important part of the recovery process.  We will explore the proven benefits of spirituality in recovery and distinguish and examine the difference between authentic spirituality, religion, and Twelve Step programs. This week we will discuss not one, but three virtues:  faith, hope, and love.

The National Association of Social Workers -PA Chapter will award 8 CEs upon completion of this course.

The National Association of Social Workers -PA Chapter will award 8 CEs upon completion of this course.


Nina is currently offering EVENING ONE for FREE.  If you are satisfied after the free session, and would like to offer the remaining three sessions, the fee will be $750.00*.  If you do not want to offer the remaining three sessions, you are under NO OBLIGATION to do so.

*Discounts are available  for non-profits that cannot afford the usual fee, but please  pay what you can reasonably afford so that  this important work can continue.

* Mileage rates will be calculated  beyond a 60 mile radius (from Bethlehem, PA).



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