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Life's Waiting Room


I took my daughter's cat to the vet recently.  While in the waiting area I observed and talked with some of the others waiting with their pets.  There is a simple but genuine love and pride that fills the room at the veterinarian's office.  You don't get any of that pretentious, competitive, defensive, or stand-offish stuff that you get in other waiting rooms.  I hate to sound goofy, but it really is that unconditional love that the pets have for their masters and the masters have for their pets.  There is affection abounding everywhere.  They are mutually and perfectly comfortable in the other's company, and it's so contagious that it spreads to all who enter.

It's like there's an unspoken bond between everyone in the room.  We all have pets, and we are taking good care of them.  Our pets love us, we love them, and we all love each other.  We talk as if the pets are babies - in exaggerated, high-pitched voices -- smile a lot, ask questions, and introduce our pets.  There are no mean people here -- we're all just one happy, pet-loving family.  And we all agree that they are all so beautiful - even the funny-looking pets.  It doesn't matter how big or small; how young or old; black, white, tan, or mixed.  We each have a faithful, furry friend by our side who loves us and who is not afraid to show it. It's all about love, trust, and protection, and it's all quite simple.

Take the pets out of the room, and you'd have a whole different scenario.  Suddenly there's no common bond.  So what if we're all human -- you might be mean, and I might be ignored if I talk to you.  I am dressed differently and your cell phone looks more expensive than mine.  What kind of car did you drive here in?  Oh -- you're like that.  There's no trust, no love, and it's all about protecting ourselves from being hurt.  I wish my furry friend was by my side.  He'd show you how great I am, and I'd show you how great he is.  Together we feel safe, and we just want to share our love with everyone around us.  Alone, I feel too vulnerable, so Id rather just sit quietly and stare at my phone until the nurse comes and rescues me from the discomfort of sitting amidst strangers who might be staring at me -- judging me.

That love that we get from our pets can be carried with us everywhere we go, and we don't have to own a pet or a pet carrier to have it with us.  It takes work, risk, and especially prayer because (someone once told me) -- it isn't a coincidence that the word God is dog spelled backwards.  Okay, I know that's a stretch, but just imagine that God was by our side instead of our furry friends.  Imagine the love, peace, joy, and sense of security in that waiting room.  That's exactly where we are right now -- in that waiting room with our God by our side.

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