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What Lies Beneath?

Have you ever thought about the depth of the ocean?  When I was cruising last week, at one point the ocean depth was nearly 17,000 feet.  My daughter told me that the deepest part of the ocean is over 35,000 feet.  The vastness is exciting and a bit frightening at the same time.  It's a place where light doesn't shine, and it seems to me that only something creepy could survive in that.  The photos I've seen on the Internet of some of those creatures confirm that idea.  They are strange and look almost mutated.  Things hidden in darkness may be ugly or their beauty simply cannot be seen.  Once the light shines on them, they either lose their power to scare us, or their beauty shines forth.

What if the entire ocean was somehow drained and everything within it was exposed?  There's an old children's book that I used to love called:  "The Five Chinese Brothers."  At one point in the story, one of the brothers swallowed the ocean.  I used to love that page of the book where the ocean floor was revealed.  It read:  "All the treasures of the sea lay uncovered."  Think about that.  Once the mysterious, dark, and shadowing waters were purged, whatever remained exposed lost its obscurity and even became valuable.

I don't know about you, but I prefer not to swim in the ocean where I cannot see what's swimming with me.  My imagination runs wild, and I envision all kinds of frightening creatures waiting to take a bite out of me.  I've often said:  "I'll go into the deep ocean water only when I can wear steel tubes on my legs!"  I'm afraid of those monsters hiding beneath - unexposed to the light - that might prey on and devour me.  Sure there's something quite adventurous about it all.  The mystery of the unknown and unpredictable can be quite intriguing.  The mystery attracts us, but with the absence of the light exposing the reality within, we really are intrigued with a fantasy -- one which can be quite dangerous.

All of this gets me thinking about what we keep hidden within -- unexposed to the light.   Those unknown and unpredictable things in the depths of our souls that might be hiding beneath the fantasy that we create of ourselves.  It's kind of like swimming in the ocean -- surrounded by others whom we really cannot see.  Sure, their physical bodies are present, but that's just the shallow end.  The true depths of their souls remain hidden deep -- a mystery -- because they are afraid what is revealed might seem ugly or mutated.  Sadly, there are treasures within that may never be discovered.  Likewise, we may be intrigued by the mystery surrounding people, but we must remember that until the depths are revealed -- it's all just a fantasy.  Like I said, I prefer not to swim where I cannot see what I'm swimming with.

Ultimately, everything will be exposed to the Light.  St. Paul wrote:  “He will bring into the light of day all that at present is hidden in darkness, and He will expose the secret motives of men's hearts."  Like the ocean floor in the book "The Five Chinese Brothers," our souls will ultimately reveal our hidden shipwrecks and treasures.  It would be wonderful and wise if we start exposing what we're hiding while we're still here on the earth.  The mutations that we fear will be discovered may look beautiful once they've seen the light.  Besides - things are much scarier in the dark.  The shipwrecks can be explored, the debris can be cleared, and the treasures that remain can be shared with all.

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