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I Need a Drink

We've all heard the rhetorical question:  "Is your cup half-full or half-empty?"  I'm sure I'm not alone in often feeling like the cup is just plain empty.  In fact, it sometimes feels like it hasn't seen a drop of water in years.  If it's a paper cup, it technically should have biodegraded by now.  If it's a glass or metal cup, it's so hot from being in the blazing sun; any hint of water would evaporate upon contact.  You get the picture.  The damn cup is EMPTY!  And I am thirsty as hell.

So what am I to do?  My cup is either decayed or can't absorb the water because of the heat.  This is actually not a bad place to be.  Death always leads to new life, and heat melts, molds, and changes things.  Neither is very comfortable, so I try everything possible to run from the discomfort.  I suppose the trick is realizing that I am the cup, and I simply can't fill myself.  I know that's true because I've tried and failed for years, yet I still continue to try.  I'm a bit stubborn and quite forgetful. 

Psalm 23:5 reads:  "You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.  You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows."  If you are as thirsty as I am, that sounds delightfully refreshing.  Water overflowing, cleansing and cooling with water enough for not only my cup, but overflowing with plenty to share.  I am thirsty, and I want that water.  But I keep forgetting that I am the cup, and I can't fill myself.  I wait until I am so hot and bothered that I can't possibly hold anything.  Then I languish in misery.

Physically I have a strange aversion to water.  I will drink anything sweet, creamy, carbonated or tasty, but I have an aversion to plain water.  Yet water is all my body really needs, as it is more than fifty percent water.  Instead of giving my body the water that it needs to satisfy the thirst, I drink something that tastes good to me.   I figure there's water in there somewhere.  Eventually my body starts screaming out to me by way of severe fatigue or a massive headache.  Then someone will comment:  "you are probably dehydrated."  They are right.

Spiritually I do much the same thing.  I don't recognize my thirst until I have nothing left to give or until my cup is so hot that I am not even able to receive.  And if I do feel thirsty, I try to satisfy that desire with things other than that which my spirit truly needs to survive and grow.  Jesus said:  “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me . . .  rivers of living water will flow from within them.” All I have to do is pause to recognize the need, then trust and be open to receive. It's that simple.  Or maybe I should say:  "It's that difficult."  I suppose that depends whether you view your cup as half-full or half-empty.  

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