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How Does Your Garden Grow?


Every year at this time I think about growing a vegetable garden, though I rarely follow through.  I've done this in the past when the kids were small to save money and teach them the process I guess.  At that time I purchased the small vegetable plants and transplanted them in my garden.  I always thought that was kind of silly, but that's what most people seemed to do.  I thought if I wanted to grow vegetables from seeds that I had to plant the seeds in small containers in the house weeks in advance, and then transplant them into the garden at the right time.  Hey, when I grew up we had a concrete backyard.  What did I know about this stuff?

A few years ago I decided to throw all caution to the wind, and I planted the seeds right in the garden.  Of course in my mind it couldn't possibly be that simple.  I first had to rent a tiller to turn the old soil.  I made little rock pathways to walk on so that I wouldn't crush the seeds/plants.   I reinforced the fencing to keep critters out, and I think I added manure to the soil and a cute little garden angel decoration.  Then came the doubtful part.  I opened the first package of seeds, and they were so tiny they could blow away with the slightest breeze.  I couldn't imagine that a plant could grow from one seed, so I planted about five or six seeds in each tiny hole all the while thinking there was no way in hell this was going to work.

By now you are probably unsubscribing from my blog and wondering why you are reading this moron's thoughts!!  Anyway, low and behold it didn't take long or any additional work on my part, before little green shoots started sprouting from the soil!  It felt like a miracle!  The simple things that we take for granted.  I put this miniscule - almost microscopic - seed in dirt, and a luscious vegetable plant was growing to nourish me.  I began to get excited, and I started really caring for the garden.  I weeded it frequently, and I watered (probably too frequently), and I was fascinated that I could grow real food from inexpensive, tiny seeds in my own back yard! 

As I continued watching the plant grow and the interactions of the insects, the animals, the invading weeds, the weather, myself, etc., I began to realize that within this small backyard garden quite possibly could be found the answer to many of life's mysteries.  I'm sure it is no coincidence that the Creation story took place in a garden and that God created seed-bearing plants.  Genesis 11 reads:  "God said, 'Let the earth produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants . . . bearing fruit with their seed inside, each corresponding to its own species.' And so it was . . . God saw that it was good."  I'm telling you -- seeds -- (in the words of Martha Stewart and God) are a good thing!
We humans tend to complicate things way more than we need to.  I really believe that most things are just plain simple.  God has it all worked out, yet we try to manipulate and complicate matters.  At the same time we tend to overlook the beautiful complexities in the simple things -- like seeds.  A seed is a miracle!  The modern conveniences such as supermarkets are supposed to be adding quality to our lives, but truly we are missing out on so much by not working in the garden.

Let's plant some seeds today, and let's see what nourishment the garden has to bestow upon us.  If we're looking and listening, I have a feeling it's going to produce food not only for our stomachs, but for our minds, hearts, and souls as well.

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