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Weather or Not

I wonder why we are so obsessed with the weather.  I know it's not just me because there are weather television and radio stations, weather apps and websites.  We have temperature gauges in our homes, cars, and offices.  Sure, there are times when it comes in handy.  Maybe we are planning a long ride, and we'd prefer not to travel if there is an impending monsoon.  But for the most part, our daily fixation with the weather is really unnecessary, unreasonable, and unproductive.  Let's not forget to mention that it's usually incorrect!

I am always looking at the ten day forecast.  Call me anytime, and I can tell you what the temperature and sky conditions will be on any given day.  More than fifty percent of the time it's wrong, but I've stored it in my brain for some beneficial purpose that has not yet revealed itself.  And I proclaim almost daily:  "It was supposed to be sunny today" or vice versa.  It's quite pointless.  If I would look up a new word, give someone a call, do a few squats, or say a prayer as often as I check the weather, I'd be a hell of a lot more productive.

I used to read The Berenstain Bears to my girls.  One of the books was called:  "The Berenstain Bears and Too Much TV."  Mama decided that the entire family was watching too much television, and they were all getting fat, lazy, and uncreative.  Papa chimed in:  "How will we know what the weather will be?"  To which Mama smartly replied:  "Try this, it's called putting your hand out the window to see if it's raining!"  What a novel idea.

We think we're so smart and so progressive, but we're going backwards in all of the ways that really matter.  Our gadgets keep us enslaved in such a subliminal way that we don't even realize what's happening.  And one of the most destructive things about it all is that we are kept from living fully in the present.  To look outside, open the window or door, and see and feel the weather, is much more enlightening and stimulating than checking it on a gadget.  It creates a level of awareness that involves our entire being - not just our mind.  Now that might sound obvious, but we're not doing it.  We're letting our gadgets dictate our lives, our moods, our plans, and our time.  We are feeding off of textual and pictorial stimuli on a screen rather than being present in and aware of our surroundings.

I'm trying to live more fully in the present, but in case you need to know the weather, I can still update you.  I'm sitting next to the open window.  It's drizzling, the winds are calm, and it's mild and a bit humid.  All is quiet except for the birds singing.  It's a beautiful day, let's actually go out and be aware of it instead of checking to see how it will change throughout the day or week. And we can use the extra time we have to be more fit... more creative... more alive.  Mama Bear would be proud!

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