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Nina plans and facilitates retreats, seminars, webinars, and educational workshops.  Below are SOME of the topics currently available.  Custom requests to meet your specific needs are also encouraged. 

Some programs offer Continuing Education Hours for social workers, chaplains, police officers, and more.  Please inquire for more information. 

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Addiction is a disease of the body, mind, and spirit that affects the afflicted, those who love them, and society at large. The lack of solid information exacerbates fear, induces shame, and produces an unwarranted stigma — all of which hinder the healing process.  An informational and formational series of four evenings of reflection or a weekend retreat, this program examines the four aspects of the bio-psycho-social-spiritual disease of addiction.  Each seminar focuses on one aspect and explores the problem and considers various solutions.  It is intended for all members of the community including the afflicted and their families and friends, counselors, nurses, ministers, deacons, those in the criminal justice system, educators, and anyone with an empathetic heart who would like to receive and spread awareness, education, guidance, encouragement, and hope.

  The National Association of Social Workers -PA Chapter will award 8 CEs upon completion of this course.

The National Association of Social Workers -PA Chapter will award 8 CEs upon completion of this course.

 The National Association of Catholic Chaplains has approved this program for a total of 8..0 Continuing Education Hours if all four  sessions are attended. 

The National Association of Catholic Chaplains has approved this program for a total of 8..0 Continuing Education Hours if all four  sessions are attended. 

The provider of this educational event has designed the program so that it may be considered by participants for use as continuing education to enhance the professional knowledge and pastoral competency of chaplains certified through the Board of Chaplaincy Certification Inc.® an affiliate of the Association of Professional Chaplains™



A People Afire

Now included in the WE THIRST series, this educational and contemplative evening will suggest and encourage specific community action plans.  We will recall our Christian identity as "a people" with a mission to serve and consider tangible ways to put that mission into action in the midst of the addiction epidemic utilizing the tools and resources of the AFIRE® movement.


Letting Love In

Acceptance is one of the keys to spiritual freedom and inner peace. We are told to accept ourselves, others, and situations in our lives, but oftentimes it is we who have to let go, open our arms, and allow ourselves to be accepted. God is love, but even His love must be accepted. Have we considered allowing God to accept us and love us exactly as we are? Do we have the courage to sit vulnerably open to receive His infinite love? If not, what is blocking us? This retreat will explore our deep desire and need to be accepted for who we are.  Join us as we let go of guilt and shame and vulnerably open our minds, hearts and arms to embrace God’s acceptance and let Him love us completely.  


What's the Meaning?

Who am I?  Why am I here?  Is there more to life than this?  These age-old question are important to all of us, and yet they seem to be asked less today in our busy, modern lives.  Young adults are more educated and more connected than ever,  and at the same time more stressed,  in debt,  addicted,  and confused.   While technology has advanced humanity in many ways, our spiritual roots remain much the same. There remains a yearning, a longing, an emptiness that money cannot buy,  success cannot achieve,  and one that our increasingly secular society does not discuss.  If you feel unhappy and unfulfilled, come join us as we explore the depths of our lives and the meaning of our existence.  This program is designed for young adults ages 18-30. 


Contemplation of the Choices

Perhaps we do not take enough time to consider the implications of Jesus’  humanity and the lessons therein.  Jesus walked the earth at a particular time,  and he was faced with decisions just as we are.  His choices reveal to us much about the very real man — Jesus of Nazareth — and what he asks of those who follow him.  This retreat will explore the radical choices that Jesus made during his lifetime as well as our responses to similar choices in our lives. 


God Calling

Our vocation is who we are and what we were born to do.  Modern society typically offers us jobs or careers, but often these are simply about getting and spending more.  We rarely talk about vocation unless we are referring to those called to a religious vocation;  however,  we all have a vocation or a calling.  When we discover it,  we discover that which fills us completely as human beings. Join us on this retreat as we pray to hear the silent whisper that reveals your deepest callings and your life’s mission.  



Spirituality has long been respected as "a driving force in (addiction) recovery,  yet it is simultaneously an increasingly disputed resource.  As the field of science thankfully becomes more involved in the treatment of addiction, the role of spirituality is becoming somewhat unclear and more intensely debated.  Proponents on either side of the pendulum frequently argue vehemently for or against its necessity and validity.  Such all or nothing mentality is a disservice to those suffering because as human beings we are comprised of body, mind and spirit.  This reality necessitates a holistic approach to treatment of a disease that impacts all aspects of human nature.  This presentation will define and explore the nature of authentic spirituality and is evidence-based role in addiction recovery.  


Comfort the Sorrowful

An evening of prayer and presentations on the Spiritual Work of Mercy:  Comforting the Sorrowful.  Nina explores the meaning of mercy and our obligation to perform these works.  What does comfort look like?  How do we give and receive it?  What does our faith teach us about the comfort of God and comforting others?   All this and more is presented with lecture, music, meditation, and prayer to enlighten the mind and awaken the soul. 


Visio Divina

(Divine Seeing)

Visio Divina is Latin for "Holy Seeing" or "Divine Looking.”  This Christian prayer practice is similar to the practice of Lectio Divina but utilizes images to perhaps call us more deeply into scripture passages that we have heard many times before.  Visio Divina awakens our imagination, intuition, and our senses and reveals God’s Word to us in new ways.  This retreat will explore this illuminating prayer practice.  We will use various images and other media to awaken our hearts and minds in news ways. We will also have the opportunity to create our own images.  


Be Inspired.

Have you ever stared bewilderingly at a blank canvas, piece of paper, block of clay, or any other project that requires you to be creative?  It can be a frustrating, time-consuming and even painful or frightening process, but it doesn’t have to be. Join us as we consider the source of all creation, the gifts we have been given, and the promises we have received.  Through presentations, prayer, and practice, we will journey inward and outward as we rediscover the playful, creative, and innovative Spirit within all of us.  Come and be inspired! 



Masterpiece in the Making

Like fine art elegantly displayed in a museum, the holy lives of saints often appear pristine.  In both instances, a little research into the events that led up to the magnificent end result is likely to expose a much less appealing image.  In fact the lives of great artists and holy saints prove that the process of creating a fine work of art and a holy life is often frustrating, messy, chaotic, confusing, and filled with mistakes and corrections. Join us as we learn to accept the disorder and imperfections of our lives and recognize that the beautiful end result we desire is perhaps being created right here and now.  It’s just not ready for the museum quite yet! 


Matt Talbot Retreats

Nina is an approved facilitator for the Matt Talbot Retreat Movement. She plans and facilitates retreats for both men and women on a variety of topics for these groups.